One year of blogging- reflections.

Hello all.

So I have had a pause on blogging, even let this account expire – but as you can see it is now renewed! I want to thank a special couple I met at Eurix who told me they read it and how much they enjoy it for encouraging me to come back to the blog. One of the issues is that their is a lot that I just cant write about. I dont write about heartache or breakups, i dont talk lots about the people we are involved in, i dont talk about amazing sex and i dont talk about a lot of the kinky stuff we do. The reason for this is that its not just my private life, its the people we are involved with to – so I worry that at times the pictures I do post and the posts can be a little dull.  The plan going forward is that I will include more articles, that we will include more about what we are doing with rope both in our tying and in some of the ties that MasterMHatter is developing and that we will post more about the process of rope making an some of the kinks that we explore.  So here is a very light readers digest to get us all back up to speed!





Last October saw me “hanging up my ropes” after an accident left me shaking and unconfident, I tried a few times to tie after then, but I had lost my confiense and didn’t want to put anyone at harm with my shaky-hand rigging. I was extremely lucky that my bunny was was quick to laugh off my error, as I think any other reaction would have certainly killed my love of rope forever. Master has given me plenty of time to grieve my error, but now has told me that I must return to rigging again. Luckily this comes at a time that *mini-sea* annouces that she’s moving to England, we meet her a few years ago when she was travelling around the UK and we spent many a week in her company – she’s an incredible bunny, and I am really looking forward to working together again.


We also hosted a workshop with Barkas and Addie this year, and can honestly say it was life changing, especially for me. Always having struggled as a bunny, to see Addie so forthcoming about her can’s and can’ts- was so refreshing!! A big time rigger with a bunny who’s not bomb proof! Master and I now practise much more Yukimura style into our ropey time together, which has grown and evolved into something so personal and so intense. I’ve finally found my happy place in rope.


After nearly 3 years we have had to say goodbye to our venue, and have as a result put Bournemouth peer rope on hiatus, and in honesty we may not hold another. We started the event hoping to learn from others although it was always more like a running a very cheap workshop, as finding others to share their knowledge was always tough. We will however still be taking bookings for private tution, as well as the occasional class, from our home. Once we have another venue we will still be booking Master classes with international riggers, and we hope to announce in early 2018.


As I’ve written previously we now own our own bricks!! Having our own home means no longer explaining to landlords what we get up too, or why we want to cut a hole in the ceiling! We currently have 5 suspenion points, and once our extension is complete we will have more, and will aim to host small workshops from home.

We also now own a kitten, called MasterTP. Who’s a wonderfully happy bundle of fluff who seems very popular with our visitors, and unsuprisingly loves rope as much as we do.


Early this year I was asked to make a bracelet from our rope as a collar, an old friend had previously made some for us to sell- however had never sold at any of our events and so I had given up on the idea. After making one myself I got hooked on all the ways rope could be worn, and so set about making up a selection for our etsy shop. It didnt take long for them to start selling like hot cakes, and is now one of our biggest sellers. We also introduced bamboo rope, a rope I had myself wanted for a long time- (mostly as I wanted a white rope) making bamboo proved to be a new experience all togehter! Having worked with jute for so long, having the silkness under my fingers felt awesome. We will be introducing more ranges of rope next year, including a Grade A jute, JBO free and made specifically to bondage specifications. We are super excited about it! We are still on the look out for a hemp supplier, and certainly aim to add this to our range as soon as a good source is found.

Thank you to all my wondeful subscribers!



We have moved!! FINALLY!!
Here is a picture blog of the last few weeks!

We have keys!
The decorating begins. The property has been rented for many years and is therefore a magnolia haven, and in kept in only the “bare essential” maintaince. We decide to move in later in the week give us a chance to decorate and address any of the issues that come from a property being empty for 8 months. (Previous occupants having done a runner, and eventually being repossessed!)

The clean-up begins with the most dirtiest…..

We eventually get some furniture (Not a sofa yet though clearly!) Sir and ben settle with a game of Chess whilst sky is given a cock To amuse.

Goodbye to old TPHQ. Our pot plant Kane, being the last to leave. This is tradition for Sir and I.

Our new kinky friend doubles up as a handyman, his services being paid for in rope and lessons 🙂 First on the agenda…. Hardpoints!

The arrival of MasterTP our long awaited kitten. He’s a very confident ball of cute fluff who loves rope almost as much as us. Sir sets him up his own instagram (@MasterTeaP) so I don’t bore too many people with his Cuteness.

Fizzydrinkslut visits and gets cuddles from the Master himself too.

Sir has become something of a self suspension artist!

Sky has her first flight at our new home 🙂

Then ben…

First tea party, fizzydrinkslut flys on our freshly oak mounted hardpoints (they get painted later!)

The shop has taken the back burner, and as soon as the paint is dry we are back to making rope and making jewellery.

Tash and her partner come to visit for some ropey shinangings.

We are on the move! – finally! 

Apologies for a short one but we have now exchanged! Keys this Wednesday, followed by moving on Friday!  Our etsy store having had a quieter June has of course now booming again, the last two weeks have been awesome.  Lots of ropey times with friends, lots of casual days out and it all off a lovely party at my friends house to celebrate her 50th. A wonderful evening of outdoor suspensions with my Master and catching up with some old friends. I am only givng a brief summary of the last 2 weeks in this blog.

Princess pointless’s new ropes, in her signature colour! Cant wait to see what antics she gets up to in these!

E puts on her “bunny ears” after a years pause.

Trying out the unicorn rope

Our weekly yoga class is featured on Facebook,

Master and I go to one of our friends birthday parties, and try out her awesome outdoor setup

Possibly the biggest news we have- after moving in, we are getting a cat.  So say hello to Master TP, a ragdol cross with gorgeous babyblues and a bossy dommly dom personality – according to Masterhatter!  Below is the picture that made me fall in love, followed by subsequent pictures of us meeting him.


We came away from our first meeting of MasterTP with all the smiles, Sirs reacction was to make MasterTP his own instragram….

Mine was to make him a collar- of course!

In other news we have a new friend, a carpenter kinkster who is already busy making us awesome things for our etsy shop in exchange for rope!  The start of a beautiful friendship 🙂

Picture below is a mock up and not made from MMJUTE, but gives an idea of things to come for our etsy shop.

We occasionally have time to tie together too 🙂

Sir has made some “care bear” rope, which is super cute- Master has some unique ideas for shooting the rope!

We’ve had so many requests for dip dyed rope, we decided to give it a try.  We have a bag of scraps, so we are likely to get more inventive- but this was Sirs first attempt which I think is pretty good!

 Sir and Ben are now chess buddies, whilst we girls try to distract 😀 


Blog 30 – 



Post rope workshop, we take our little poly family out to the forest. (Unfortunately missing our boy Martin and his mistress) Unfortunately for the first few hours I’m constantly on the phone with my conveyancers sorting out the house that in buying, but after that I do a little flight with Sir, before heading off to the local for a few pints.  Before we know it it’s 4pm and decide to head to another pub for “lunch”.  I am a big fan of Wetherspoons, and devour a chilli veggie burger, many more gossips entail before we all call it a night.  It was a truly awesome day.

This is unfortunately the bain of my exsitance, I get chronic nose bleds. Tuesday is mostly spent desperately trying to get up to some fun followed by my nose bleeding. 


Is family day mostly, I take a little visit to the local rspca to look at the kitties.  It feels like moving is getting closer, although admittidlely I’ve been saying that since February. It will happen though!!  Sir and I discuss plans for our new home, which basically turns our home into a dojo where we can have our regulars over for classes and maybe even run a few small beginners workshops. It’s all feeling very exciting.


It’s an etsy day.  I got a request from a customer for a double coin braclet, so made up these from our torture rope. 


It’s pride! 

The event is packed with people as always (we go every year) and sly and Ben come to join us.  There is lots of music, dancing and even competitive football kicking. 


Its The day I have to work, sigh. Sir is off to.pride again, and sends me some awesome pictures! I am reminded how much I get off seeing Master tie boys too. 

In the evening I collect ben and sky and we head off to the drive in cinema to watch fight club, ordering chips and nachos from my car window parked up watching a flick is quite a unique experience!


I head into work for a few hours, then home to meet fizzydrinkslut, we settle with drinks and big bang theory, whilst I am doing the ironing. 

Blog 29 The heat is on


One of the hottest day of the year our lovely fizzy wants to fly! (Car says its 31 degrees) So we head out to the forest super early, then head back for lunch and had lovely afternoon.


Sky and Ben come to visit, we had a play with the new colourful ropes.  Sky gets bored of waiting to play, so gets busy whilst we are chatting away about board games.


E comes to visit for her weekly chats, I have included an old picture of her bunnying becuase.. well I love looking at her bunnying and know you will too.  It’s still extremely hot weather wise and so we head out for ice cream.


Its an etsy day, and it’s all about making bracelets! I’ve also had some people comment that their clasps have been tarnishing, so it’s all about researching an finding an alternative.  



Our friend of many years Tash is up for a morning of bunnying.  She’s so much fun to watch 🙂  


Is a dull work day, followed by cuddles in the evening.


Bournemouth rope group
This was an especially magic afternoon/ evening for me.  A lot of the people in the picture are regulars at our events/parties and so watching everyone getting their ropey kinky fun on with.. was just the most amazing thing, I had all the warm fuzzies for all these uniquely awesome people. 

Do We Build Our Friends Up, Or Tear Them Down?


When we spoke to Page from Poly.Land a few weeks back, she discussed how since being polyamorous and developing her ability to enjoy compersive feelings, this had not only occurred with romantic relationships but also with friends. That conversation has been rattling around my brain lately, as I pondered the question; Do we build our friends up or do we tear them down?

I think everyone’s instant reaction would be ‘of course I don’t tear my friends down’, probably with a certain level of outrage for it even being suggested. Which I get, I don’t want to think I ever do that either. However, do we always support people as fully as we can, especially if their endeavours may outshine our own?

IMG_3443At the weekend myself and Bakji went to our local peer rope group. So many of our friends were doing awesome rope, suspending partners, suspending friends and…

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Blog 28 Weekly forest trips becoming a thing



Awkward phone calls aside, We spend the day on play and yukimura studies.


Sir makes this beautiful rope, we are aiming om practising the dip dye effect to hopefully get to a point of making rainbow rope.




No pictures of Saturday, which was 12hrs at work followed by Sir and I video calling His subs and sleeping.


Went to visit my mum and dad as it’s fathers day, and had lunch with them. Sat outside with mum for a whole 10 mins before becoming totally cooked. Work for 6hrs, then home to fizzydrinkslut who had arrived at tphq whilst I was out. I make up the orders and we watch some big bang which is our favoraite thing to watch together.