My instagram account has now been deleted … twice.

Hense the start of my own photo blog, i will from time to time add writings and thoughts although its mostly a picture diary of my life.

Below is the photo that ended that erea for me.  A afternoon with my kinky friends, enjoying cake and cucumber sandwiches. All very civilised. Until it was hot!  We got naked and they inventively decided to cover my nipples up. ..with their mouths. .there niche have been some raspberry blowing to!

I am sad that instagram is over for me, I learnt a lot from photo journaling!


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About CheshireCat_MMH

I am a bound girl, an on my knees yes please girl, but just to be clear I am those things to my Master only. I am also a rigger, the gentle sweet kind - who will turn up the pressure oh so slowly that you wont realize I am hurting you till you hear your own whimper. We make rope, made with a sadists love my Master says - or at least thats what he tells me as he grabs hold of my nipples while I am working the rope. So what will you find here? Well... it might be a snap shoot into our lives.. you can see a little about our rope on www.mmhjute.com and my masters rope pics on www.instagram.com/mastermhatter here... here you will find snap shoots and moments behind the scenes, and probably...me in the bath tub with beautiful girls who leave me weak at the knees.

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