What we look for in a Bunny

I was asked the other day what it is that a rigger looks for in a Bunny. This is a topic that has been doing the rounds a bit lately but I thought it was worth me putting in my two-pence worth as its different for everyone.

1) Someone who melts. This really is the top of my list. For me the pleasure in doing rope with someone is about the interaction between us and the rope, and for me that means I enjoy tying with people who melt, or shake, or laugh, or feel turned on. Any or all – but most of all I am looking for a reaction.

2) Someone who knows there body – and knows when to say “ouch that’s the wrong kind of pain”. Having good body awareness, learning what your body can and cannot do are really important – and communicating those things.

3) Someone I can work with over a period of time – I like to build up a friendship, to work together and work out how each other work. I love tying people as a “one off” but I get far more from an established rope relationship.

4) Someone who is able to clearly communicate their lines and limits.

5) Someone who is happy to have photos taken and shared. I love having photos of rigs I do and so my preference is to rig people who don’t mind photos.

Its only after all those boxes are ticked that things like flexibility come into the equation. Having amazing core mussels, and being super flexible will allow us to do more variety in the type of ties. This is good – it is something to work towards if this is your passion, but items 1-5 are the bits that matter to me.

I haven’t mentioned size or gender as part of this, and the reason is.. that this isn’t part of the equation for me. I tend to have more photos of slim bunnies than I do of bigger bunnies. This is a topic of considerable debate in the rope community – but in honesty there is a very simple reason why I have less photos of bigger bunnies…

More often than not bigger bunnies look at photos of themselves and say I don’t like those photos please don’t use them. People who are happy with their body shape (whatever it is) tend to be happier with photos.

That is fine. Its not a deal breaker for me – if you are really fun to tie then I am happy to go without photos.

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