Life is so great! Blog 008


After such a chaotic weekend, we are utterly shattered and so today we are mostly chilling, drinking tea and watching Netflix. Much needed recovery time.


Our beautiful boy sub Martin came to visit with his loverly Mistress, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them. They treated us to a beautiful lunch with lots of smiles, jokes and of course. .. putting the world to right.

He also seems to be a fan of Masters sadistick 😉


Sir and I are often finding ourselves without time to play, so Wednesday is our designated day to play.

We’ve been sent some goodies to try out and review

There was quite a lot of stuff, and lots to say, so Sir wrote an article on it.

See @mastermhatters article ….bondage kit review


Not feeling my best today, but Dia arrives first thing and we are off doing girly thing’s, no rest for the wicked. Sir heads off to see LouLou at her house. Dia and I head out for girly times, ordering clothes and a quick swim before meeting Sir at the dojo later on. Dia is first to fly and as usual she bends like the beautiful gymnast that she is… I mean check out this neck bend!!

Its my turn to fly, and unfortunately as my feet are leaving the ground I’m feeling like I’m going to be sick, its been an ongoing issue all day and despite taking tablets for it, my body isnt up to it and so I come down but I get lots of cuddles instead 🙂

We head off to the theatre to see a play, then Sir heads off and Dia and I get silly ordering a ton of pizza, plenty of vino,  bathtimes and a little pampering time 😀


Today is finally time to put up the xmas decorations! ! Woooo. Sir decorates Dia with some jingle bells, whilst she is decorating. Chuckles

We all had a great time 😉 but after a late lunch Sir and I head to bed and Dia is off home to work.

We have little time to play with rope after our nap, it’s a 5x rope chest harness. Breathing optional!!.  After some snuggles its off to work the night shift, meanwhile Sir gets more chill time and I try not to go grr.


Tea party play night.

Our annual xmas party, for our crew called the tea party.  It’s an epic turn out. Unfortunately due to people’s jobs etc we can only show half of our lovely crew here that attended.  I feel so blessed, it’s been a crazy year with far to much drama, all that is behind us and we are looking forward to a kinktastic new year.

Master and I do some lovely rope together, we rarely play at parties but this party is an exception 🙂

I got my top on with my beautiful little 

sis @loulou_tied  .  Also had some fun times tying my middle sis Dia (@princesspointless on fet) and our new boy bunny M.  The night was a resounding success, finished off my towel fights, mankinis and Christmas crackers.


Sunday. Suprisingly alert seeing as the party didn’t finish until 0430, we treat ourselves to breakfast and silly YouTube videos.  Later that afternoon we say goodbye and it’s then the small opportunity I have to face sorting out the loft.  Tphq (this is what we call our home) is moving next year, and I’m trying to adopt a more minimalist approach so less stuff to move come moving day!

Sunday is a strange day to receive a package of clothes. . But there you go! Looking forward to giving Master a little fashion show tomorrow

That’s about it for this week folks.  I am going to try and blog on Sundays, but please note it will occasionally be a Monday if it’s been a heavy Sunday.

Life is feeling pretty awesome right now, happiest we’ve ever been for sure.

Next week we’ve got 2 new not seen before bunnys, our regular chloe a lock in in a sex shop, and an after party! See you next week guys.

Love cheshire. Xxxx

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About CheshireCat_MMH

I am a bound girl, an on my knees yes please girl, but just to be clear I am those things to my Master only. I am also a rigger, the gentle sweet kind - who will turn up the pressure oh so slowly that you wont realize I am hurting you till you hear your own whimper. We make rope, made with a sadists love my Master says - or at least thats what he tells me as he grabs hold of my nipples while I am working the rope. So what will you find here? Well... it might be a snap shoot into our lives.. you can see a little about our rope on and my masters rope pics on here... here you will find snap shoots and moments behind the scenes, and in the bath tub with beautiful girls who leave me weak at the knees.

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