Product Review: Satisfyer Pro 2


We won this as a prize in a raffle @simplypleasure in Bournemouth where we sometimes give rope and spanking demos. We had looked at the prizes before the draw and the Satisfier was WAY WAY down on the list of items we wanted to win. It looks cheap and nasty, and testing it on the hand made us think that this was a pretty darn pointless product which had little chance of having any real effect. I would have expected a twenty quid price tag – and it costs a lot more. It was then in honesty a disappointment to win it.

When we got home we decided to give it ago – it charges with a magnetic cable which sits on the end of the Satisfyer and then connects to USB. It’s a good design but do I really want another cable to use? If it charged using a standard USB cable that would be fine it means if I loose the cable I can just use a different one – with this if I loose the cable its all over.

So we turned it on…and wow…okay… squirting orgasm in under five minutes. This thing is intense and amazing. Is this a one person thing? Nope as you may have noticed I play with lots of people… of six people this toy has been used with everyone of them has looked unimpressed at the toys appearance but blown away by its performance. This is an item that has to be used to be believed – it is AMAZING and has fast become a favorite toy. Get one – seriously you will thank me.




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