Learning to Kneel

Masters new book is out for sale today! Woop.

So pleased and proud of him, and very pleased to have had such input into it.  After many years on the scene and talking to people its amazing how much more you learn from writing a book.  Simply asking people “what do you wish you had known when you entered the scene?” has been astounding, even those that are new to the scene have given great insight.  Things like “actually, I wish someone would have just told me its okay to be the sub I am, and not have to go out dressed in leather and wear a collar.  I can just be me, the sub/little/pet that I am, and still use the title of submissive”

BDSM and law: We cover must know topics like law and how it could affect you if you “get caught with your knickers down” as it were! Safety aspects like how limits work in the real world, and not just in theory.  What to do if you are “outted”, and how to deal with things when they go wrong.

Strangers in the dark: How to identify and spot good Doms, what relationships and friendships can look like in  BDSM setting, how to become who you want to be within the scene.

Communication!: The starting point of all good relationships. We cover dirty talk, honesty, honourifics, and journalling.

Protocols and standing orders: covering the myth of the “contract” and how and when standing orders are used and their power.

Dressed to impress:  Suggestions on how to communicate and dress for your submission and personalise it to your Dom.  We also take a good look at collars, their significance as a symbol of submission, what’s available and what can work for you both.

Crisis, frenzy, subspace, drop and aftercare:  We delve deeply into the emotional states of submissives, using personal accounts from many submissives as to how sub drop, sub space, sub frenzy and slut crisis can effect you, and things that commonly help.

The big O: Lets get into the nitty gritty, we all strive for better orgasms.  Suggestions on how to get the most of your body and orgasm, tips and tricks, the effects of arousal on your limts and what to be aware of. Female ejaculation, and up the bum.  How your orgasm can be “owned” and cumming on command.  Chastity, the dangers and how it can work, the honour system, and long-term use. Pain styles, locks and keys, the available devices, how they  can be effectively handled and controlled, and also, how NOT to escape.

Pain play:  Understanding how pain works to create a pleasure response, why some feel pain differently and why some need 10 lashes whilst some might only need 2 to get to the same level. Safety aspects of where can be hit safely and where cannot, implements, marks and bruises.

Punishments: Studies show punishments don’t work, so here we focus on funishments and how to make them work for you and your Dom. This includes suggestions on how to “punish” with various ways and techniques explained, the psychological aspects and how to get the most out of them.

Restraint:  We talk through the various ways to restrain someone and how to do so safely, as lovers of rope we discuss the styles and how to learn, where to learn and the big world that is this sub-genre of BDSM.

Breath play: A controversial subject that can separate many within the community, we give you the research and theory behind it and let you make your own decision. Shimewaza we cover in detail, we feel if your going to do it.. this is the method that seems the least likely to cause any lasting damage.  We also cover gags, the different types and how to best utilise them.

Thinking it through: Giving up choice is the forefront for many submissives, so we look into how this is done and how it can be done well; how submission gives power to many people the confidence to be themselves; eating disorders and BDSM timekeeping and suggestions on how to manage it within your kinky lifestyle; the beauty of mantras and how this powerful technique can give clarity to your submission.  Bathroom control (the giving of our bodies functions) gives for many a deeper sense of feeling owned, which we cover in depth to provide ideas and thoughts on how to do it effectively. We also cover kneeling and the giving of passwords, rape and abduction fantasies hopefully giving you something to chew on here!  We also give a chapter on coming out of the closet, not a decision many choose lightly and how it can work for some people

Raw emotion:  As mentioned before, it takes a bucket load of emotional states to be a submissive, here though we are discussing the more difficult topics of BDSM.  The speed you can fall in love, tackling problems within your relationship, and finally, breaking up.  Which can be life shattering to many subs as its becomes apparent the level of dependency that comes with part of your role.

There were three in a bed (poly):  There are a large proportion of kinksters that are polyamorous, a decision that requires lots of strength of character as you go up against the cultural norms that have been imbedded in us. We cover the basics on the whys, and hows.

Toys:  A common theme for many kinksters is we all like a good toy. Here we give some of what we think are the best toys to own for your BDSM play, as well as ways they can be used in scenes.

In search of a Dom:  The minefield of dating is often hard enough in the vanilla world, add kink to the mix and it certainly creates new challenges to overcome.  Here we discuss things to look out for, as well as how to write a good profile, and meeting people.

On the high street:  When the vanilla world and BDSM world collide!  How to have achieve a balance in your dynamic in public, what a munch is and the low down on kinky events.

Wire bag:  How the technology you own (or could own) can influence the relationship, webcams, and tracking your subs every movement!

Novels, websites, podcasts, summary.  Literature and websites that we recommend, good podcasts worth a listen and the summary.

Link for the book below..




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