Blog 020, the kink continues

This is a fortnight review!


Dia came to visit, and we were all very much in recovery mode.  Despite this, there was still a lot of cuddles.

After a hard morning pokemon hunting, we met up with Sky and Ben.  Sir is always so happy to see Ben 😀


Moving is looming closer and closer…



Kitty, my tenant who I have been living with for 3 years has moved out, and is sorely missed already.


Sir and I treated ourselves to cocktails in the new cocktail bar in Bournemouth

Displaying our “goliath” rope

Got a new lightbox thingy, which is helping us take a lot better photos of our rope.

We recieved a request for dyed rope, which is something Sir has always wanted to stay away from – but we decided to give it a whirl.  Read lots of advise from our ropey peers, which paid off and we got Red Bamboo Rope! Look at how beautifully it came out!

Sky came to play.

She likes the tawse, formly called “the martin toy”- because its mega stingy, not many masochists like it.

Ben is as always, just glorious in rope.

Testing out a new rope we made, this particular rope has been somewhat of a bugbear- because of the red and white,  it was somewhat traumatic. We had to hand wash it to get it right without the colours bleeding.  We love the colour, but have decided we won’t be adding this to our new range.


We made A TON of rope, and after the sucess with the red, decided to get experimenting with dye!

Lots of new rope, and some of our new range drying.

These are just some of our new ranges, check out our etsy store for more!

Some of our favorite people, Tansy and Martin came to visit.  They came with some awesome news! They are engaged! We shared a bottle of fizz to celebrate 🙂 

The end of these two weeks… just finished a shift at work, happy to be home and naked and telling you lovely lot about the last fortnight.  We are still in recovery, but life is starting to get back on track again.

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About CheshireCat_MMH

I am a bound girl, an on my knees yes please girl, but just to be clear I am those things to my Master only. I am also a rigger, the gentle sweet kind - who will turn up the pressure oh so slowly that you wont realize I am hurting you till you hear your own whimper. We make rope, made with a sadists love my Master says - or at least thats what he tells me as he grabs hold of my nipples while I am working the rope. So what will you find here? Well... it might be a snap shoot into our lives.. you can see a little about our rope on and my masters rope pics on here... here you will find snap shoots and moments behind the scenes, and in the bath tub with beautiful girls who leave me weak at the knees.

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