Will treating your rope kill you?

We sell rope (I know i should have mentioned it right!) which is “food grade” so it doesnt stink of JBO – but most of the rope sold for bondage does have a lot of JBO in it.

 JBO = Jute batch oil. It is used to in the manufacturing process of most Jute yarn, and it is what gives so much of Jute rope its petrolim type smell. One of the most common ways of dealing with this is coating the rope in wax was seals it in to a degree.

However many people recommend either boiling or putting the rope in the oven at a low temp to burn of the JBO. This approach is hideously dangerous. You can see a COSHH sheet for JBO http://www.petron.com/pdfs/Industrial%20Petroleum%2…

Let me highlight a couple of important points:

SKIN CONTACT: Prolonged or repeated contact may result in the defatting of skin leading to irritation and possible dermatitis.

INHALLATION: negligible hazard at ambient temperate however if OVERHEATED – ESPECIALLY in the presence of water hydrogen sulfide may be realised – this CAN CAUSE RESPITOARY COLLAPSE, COMA AND DEATH WITHOUT WARNING.

Furthermore overexposure to oil mists may result in droplet depositions, oil granuloma formation, inflammation and increase incidence of infection.

If you boil JBO Jute the fumes that come off it ARE HIGHLY TOXIC , you are creating a poisons gas.

Please stay safe folk!

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