We Vibe Wish Personal Massager


This toy needs two reviews not one – the first one looking at what its like as an actual vibrator, the second looking at it as a toy that connects to your phone


The WISH is described as having a plush exterior and it does feel really good in the hand, it’s a pleasant shaped tactile toy which looks and feels “gentle”. It falls firmly into the catagory of toys designed to look lovingly luxurious.


This is an external rumbly vibrator for your clit, and that is a crowded market place. People who like all out power on the clit are going to own a wand – and for those who are true clit consouirs the satisfier type toys have become the golden chalice so a standard clit toy becomes a bit meh, it becomes difficult to know what we should be compairing this to. Bullets go for pure often high power vibration but don’t offer much in the way of rumble, so this is a step up but it’s a big leap in price and so you expect great things. It has got a good deep rumble to it but and it’s a big but as vibration “load” is spread over the large area of the toy it means that the clit receives less of the intensity.  So whilst the toy does have a high power vibration it’s difficult to feel all it’s strength.  This might however work for some people! For us and our play partners, It just fails to deliver a strong enough punch on the areas that we count.  Now you may be someone who enjoys a more “all around” feeling on their intimate areas, as the toy will cover the labia and vagina…in which case this toy is perfect for you.


Alongside being able to control the WISH from the actual toy you can also connect it via blue tooth to your smart phone. This makes it far easier to control and see what you are doing than playing with the buttons on the toy. Connection worked seamlessly – and you are able to switch between types of pulse – and strength as well as create your own patterns. Now there may be a huge number of people out there who enjoy the variations modes that are becoming almost standard with toys now – but with the people I play with I tend to find that only one of the multiple modes is really enjoyed and its always the same one so I am not sure how much is gained by the multiple patterns that are on offer.

If you are using this vibrator at home and have connected it to your phone you can then send an invite to a ..special friend… to take control of the vibe, and this invite can go via Facebook messenger, whatsapp, email however you want. This then puts them in charge of your vibrator.  In theory this sounds super hot and awesome for long distance lovers – as a Dom it’s important to try this toy out in person with your lover first, or when hone alone it might take some time to set up and it might not be a toy your partner will be able to come from as for those with sensitive clits it absolutely does the job, but its just not spectacular, it feels like it goes from 1-6 as opposed to 1-10,  and the controls of its power seems to go 1…4,5,6 with not enough space between them. With a different toy this technology could be a lot of fun but with this toy..in honesty it’s a bit lack luster and not worth the price tag.

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